When the Church Falls Short

With the murder of several Asian women by a known churchgoer, many evangelicals are pointing fingers at where the blame lies. Is it the church’s patriarchal stance on women and squeamishness on sex that has degraded women into dangerous Jezebel’s, luring unsuspecting “mama’s boys” into the pit? Is it “white evangelicism,” which has essentially otheredContinue reading “When the Church Falls Short”

Rebutting the “Pro-Birth” Label

Increasingly, there has been a growing push to label the pro-life movement as merely “pro-birth.” Because many pro-lifers tend to support smaller government, oppose the welfare state, and may even support the death penalty, they cannot possibly be pro-life. They simply want to feel good about a baby being born and then couldn’t care lessContinue reading “Rebutting the “Pro-Birth” Label”

Is “Christian Nationalism” the cultural marxists’ latest scapegoat?

With the events of the Capitol still reeling in the minds of many Americans,  Christians in particular are trying to figure out the best way to distance themselves from the ungodly acts of violence that unfolded. Unfortunately, when situations like this arise, Christians oftentimes overcompensate by allowing dishonest distortions to dominate the narrative. This isContinue reading “Is “Christian Nationalism” the cultural marxists’ latest scapegoat?”

Where is the Church?

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. And, unfortunately, so far 2021 is looking to be very similar. The Church has found itself particularly hit by all the challenges as congregations must battle with establishing in-person or online services, making all their congregants comfortable, while at theContinue reading “Where is the Church?”