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The Case for Lamentation with Revival

The last week or two, my social media feeds have been filled with the news of revival at Asbury in Kentucky. The response has been split, usually between wild enthusiasm and cautious skepticism. I have personally decided to take a “wait and see” approach, as the fruit of the revival will take some time to…

When the Church Falls Short

With the murder of several Asian women by a known churchgoer, many evangelicals are pointing fingers at where the blame lies. Is it the church’s patriarchal stance on women and squeamishness on sex that has degraded women into dangerous Jezebel’s, luring unsuspecting “mama’s boys” into the pit? Is it “white evangelicism,” which has essentially othered…

Rebutting the “Pro-Birth” Label

Increasingly, there has been a growing push to label the pro-life movement as merely “pro-birth.” Because many pro-lifers tend to support smaller government, oppose the welfare state, and may even support the death penalty, they cannot possibly be pro-life. They simply want to feel good about a baby being born and then couldn’t care less…

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